Ashland County Information

155.5650 County Sheriff - Dispatch (107.2 / P25 Capable)
156.0900 County Sheriff - Tactical (107.2)
154.9950 County Fire - Dispatch / Emergency Management (D251)
154.4000 County Fire - Fireground / Alternate Dispatch (107.2)
155.3400 Memorial Medical Center ER (107.2)
155.2950 Glidden Area EMS
156.2400 County Highways (146.2)
463.2500 Bay Area Rural Transit (141.3)

Town of Agenda

City of Ashland
154.2500 Fire Department - Dispatch (D251)
154.4000 Fire Department - Fireground / Tactical (107.2)
155.5650 Police Department - Dispatched by Sheriff (107.2)
155.0100 Police Department - "Local Channel" (D606)
154.4300 Police Department - Tactical (107.2)
453.9750 Police Department - MDT’s
154.1000 Local Government (D632)

Town of Ashland

Village of Butternut

Town of Chippewa

Town of Gingles

Town of Gordon

Town of Jacobs

Town of La Pointe
453.6750 Fire Department / EMS Operations (77.0)
453.3750 Local Government (77.0)

Town of Marengo

City of Mellen
155.085 Fire Department (107.2)

Town of Morse

Town of Peeksville

Town of Sanborn

Town of Shanagolden

Town of White River


Ashland County Unit Numbering

Unit Number Municipality / Department
City of Ashland Police Department
Ashland County Sheriff's Department
Bad River Tribal Police Department

Ashland County Fire Station Locations

Fire Department Station # Station Address
City of Ashland FD Central 220 6th Avenue East (New Station)

Ashland County Fire Apparatus Guide

Unit Number Department - Apparatus Type

Ashland County 'Fire Tone Out's'

Department Tone 'A' Tone 'B' Misc Notes
FTO Information Needed

Ashland County Public Safety Links

Fire / EMS Departments Law Enforcement
City of Ashland Fire Department Ashland County Sheriff's Office
Butternut First Responders City of Ashland Police Department
Mellen Fire & Rescue Department Bad River Tribal Police Department
La Pointe Police Department
Mellen Police Department

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