Door County Information

151.1900 County Sheriff - Dispatch (94.8)
154.9500 County Sheriff - Tactical (D051)
460.2000 County Sheriff - Jail Operations (118.8)
154.3400 County Fire & EMS - Dispatch (71.9)
153.8300 County Fire - Fireground 1 (D051)
154.4300 County Fire - Fireground 2 (D051)
156.1800 County Highways (DMR)
155.0850 County Courthouse (D506)

It appears like Door County has re-aligned their frequencies again. The above information is what I was able to confirm while passing through area. More information is needed.

Town of Baileys Harbor

Town of Brussels

Town of Clay Banks

Town of Egg Harbor

Village of Egg Harbor

Village of Ephraim

Town of Forestville

Village of Forestville

Town of Gardner

Town of Gibraltar

Town of Jacksonport

Town of Liberty Grove

Town of Nasewaupee

Town of Sevastopol

Village of Sister Bay

City of Sturgeon Bay
Police Dispatched By County Sheriff
155.6850 Police Department - City Tactical (D051)
154.1750 Fire Department - Dispatch (D073)
153.7700 Fire Department - Tactical (D073)
158.7600 Local Government (141.3)
155.9400 Water Department (85.4)
153.6650 Utilities (85.4)

Town of Sturgeon Bay

Town of Union

Town of Washington Island
Police Dispatched By County Sheriff
155.8350 Local Government (131.8)

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