Dunn County Information

155.6100 County Sheriff - Dispatch {North Simulcast} (77.0)
155.5950 County Sheriff - Dispatch {South Simulcast} (77.0)
158.7750 County Fire - Dispatch (91.5)
155.6700 County Emergency Management (77.0)
159.1950 County Highways (114.8)

Village of Boyceville

Town of Colfax

Village of Colfax
154.0550 Local Government (71.9)

Village of Downing

Town of Dunn

Town of Eau Galle

Town of Elk Mound

Village of Elk Mound
154.1450 Fire Department Fireground (CS)

Town of Grant

Town of Hay River

Village of Knapp

Town of Lucas

City of Menomonie New Link
155.3175 Police Department - Dispatch (Nac 170)
155.5500 Was Police Department, Now City Usage?? (77.0)
154.1900 Fire Department - Dispatch (100.0)
155.8650 Local Government (127.3)

Town of Menomonie

Town of New Haven

Town of Otter Creek

Town of Peru

Town of Red Cedar

Village of Ridgeland

Town of Rock Creek

Town of Sand Creek

Town of Sheridan

Town of Sherman

Town of Spring Brook

Town of Stanton

Town of Tainter

Town of Tiffany

Town of Weston

Village of Wheeler

Town of Wilson

University of Wisconsin - Stout
155.0100 Police Department - Dispatch (77.0)

Dunn County Unit Numbering

Unit Type Municipality / Department
Menomonie Police Department
Dunn County Sheriff's Department
Boyceville Police Department
UW - Stout Police Department
Colfax Police Department
Wisconsin State Patrol
Wheeler Police Department
Sand Creek Police Department
Elk Mound Police Department

Dunn County Fire Apparatus Guide

Unit Number Department - Apparatus Type
Fire Apparatus Information Needed

Known County 'Fire Tone Out's

Department Tone 'A' Tone 'B' Misc Notes
FTO Information Needed

Dunn County Fire Station Locations

Fire Department Station # Station Address
Boyceville Volunteer Fire Department  
Colfax Community Fire Department 612 Main Street
Elk Mound Area Fire Department 202 East Menomonie Street
Menomonie Fire Department Downtown Station - 116 Main Street
North Station - 2417 Wilson Street
Ridgeland-Wilson Fire Department  
Rock Creek Township Fire Department N 995 County Hwy H
Sand Creek Fire Department N13425 County Hwy I

County Public Safety Links

Fire / EMS Departments Law Enforcement
Boyceville Fire Department Dunn County Sheriff's Department
Colfax Community Fire Department Boyceville Police Department
Elk Mound Fire District Colfax Police Department
Menomonie Fire Department Elk Mound Police Department
Ridgeland-Wilson Fire Department Menomonie Police Department
Rock Creek Township Fire Department UW - Stout Police Department
Sand Creek Fire Department Wheeler Police Department

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