Grant County Information

155.8650 County Sheriff - Dispatch (123.0)
155.4900 County Sheriff - Car to Car (D047)
155.9250 County Fire - Paging (CS)
155.7450 County Fire - Dispatch (D132)
154.3400 County Fire - Fireground (123.0)
155.2575 County Coordination (173.8)
453.2000 County Paging (Simulcasts 155.925)
150.9950 County Highways (127.3)

Village of Bagley

Town of Beetown

Town of Bloomington

Village of Bloomington

Village of Blue River

City of Boscobel
154.0550 Local Government (127.3)

Town of Boscobel

Town of Cassville

Village of Cassville
155.1000 Local Government (100.0)
159.7500 Unknown Exact Usage (114.8)

Town of Castle Rock

Town of Clifton

City of Cuba City
154.0550 Local Government {Police / Fire Use} (123.0)

Village of Dickeyville
151.2350 EMS Operations (D-132)

Town of Ellenboro

City of Fennimore
046.4000 Fire Department

Town of Fennimore

Town of Glen Haven

Town of Harrison

Town of Hazel Green

Village of Hazel Green
155.8050 Local Government (D143)

Town of Hickory Grove

Town of Jamestown

City of Lancaster
453.4500 Local Government (100.0)
461.2500 Lancaster Community Schools (100.0)

Town of Liberty

Town of Lima

Town of Little Grant

Village of Livingston

Town of Marion

Town of Millville

Village of Monfort
155.1450 EMS Operations (D155)

Town of Mount Hope

Village of Mount Hope

Town of Mount Ida

Town of Muscoda

Village of Muscoda

Town of North Lancaster

Town of Paris

Town of Patch Grove

Village of Patch Grove

City of Platteville
155.0700 Police Department - Dispatch (Nac 263 / 100% ENCRYPTED)
154.2500 Fire Department - Dispatch (123.0)
154.1000 Local Government (123.0)

Town of Platteville

Town of Potosi

Village of Potosi
155.3250 EMS Operations (192.8)
154.0400 Local Government (123.0)
154.9650 Local Government / Fire Department Use (131.8)

Town of Smelser

Town of South Lancaster

Village of Tennyson

University of Wisconsin - Platteville
155.8950 Police Department - Dispatch (123.0)
464.8250 Unknown Exact Usage (D306)

Town of Waterloo

Town of Watterstown

Town of Wingville

Town of Woodman

Village of Woodman

Town of Wyalusing

Grant County Unit Numbering

Unit Type Municipality / Department
1 to 40
County Sheriff's Department
230 to 289
County EMS Units
City of Platteville Police Department
511 to 519
Lancaster Police Department
553 to 556
Boscobel Police Department
601 to 610
UW - Platteville Police Department
611 to 624
Fennimore Police Department
650 to 659
Cuba City Police Department
Dickeyville Police Department
740 to 743
Hazel Green Police Department
750 to 754
Muscoda Police Department
Potosi Police Department
800 to 805
Cassville Police Department

Grant County Fire Apparatus Guide

Unit Number Department - Apparatus Type
Blue River EMS
Southwest Health EMS
Southwest Health EMS
Southwest Health EMS
Lancaster EMS
Lancaster EMS
Lancaster EMS
Boscobel EMS
Boscobel EMS
Fennimore EMS
Fennimore EMS
Cuba City Area Rescue Squad
Dickeyville EMS
Hazel Green EMS
Hazel Green EMS
Muscoda EMS
Cassville EMS ???
Cassville EMS
Montfort EMS
Potosi Rescue Squad
Potosi Rescue Squad
West Grant EMS
This is an older listing I received. It sppears to be still used, in part. Responding
apparatus usually will call in with department name (ie "Jamestown Fire
Enroute..."). I have heard chiefs and other personnel use the 4-digit
system below.

First 2 Digit Identifiers
14xx's Bloomington Volunteer Fire Department
15xx's Blue River Volunteer Fire Department
16xx's Cassville Volunteer Fire Department
18xx's Cuba City Volunteer Fire Department
19xx's Dickeyville-Paris Volunteer Fire Department
21xx's Glen Haven Volunteer Fire Department
23xx's Jamestown Fire Department
24xx's Lancaster Fire Department
25xx's Livingston Fire Department
26xx's Montfort Volunteer Fire Department
27xx's Mount Hope Volunteer Fire Department
28xx's Muscoda Volunteer Fire Department
29xx's Patch Grove Volunteer Fire Department
30xx's Platteville Fire Department
31xx's Potosi Volunteer Fire Department
32xx's Stitzer Volunteer Fire Department

Last 2 Digit Identifiers
-02 to -04Assist Chiefs
-05 to -09Captains
-10 to -19Engines
-20 to -29Water Tenders
-30 to -30Brush Trucks / Equipment Vans
-40 to -49Ladder Trucks / Misc Vehicles

Known Grant County 'Fire Tone Out's'

Department Tone 'A' Tone 'B' Misc Notes
FTO Information Needed

Grant County Fire Station Locations

Fire Department Station Address
Bagley Volunteer Fire Department 400 S Jackley Ln
Bloomington Fire Department 722 1st St
Blue River Volunteer Fire Department 101 Clinton St, Blue River
Boscobel Volunteer Fire Department 510 Wisconsin Ave
Cassville Volunteer Fire Department 301 W Amelia St
Cuba City Volunteer Fire Department 1013 S Main ST
Dickeyville-Paris Volunteer Fire Department 100 Short St
Fennimore & Rural Fire Department 860 Lincoln St
Glen Haven Fire Department 12723 Duncan Rd
Hazel Green Fire Department 3930 N Percival
Jamestown Fire Department 2135 Elm St, Kieler
Lancaster Fire Department 222 Main St
Livingston-Cliffton Fire District 230 Grant St, Livingston
Montfort Volunteer Fire Department 600 Wall St
Mount Hope Volunteer Fire Inc 127 Main St
Muscoda Volunteer Fire Department 701 N Wisconsin Ave
Patch Grove Fire Department 112 North St
Platteville Fire Department 275 E Main St
Potosi Volunteer Fire Department 210 N Main St
Stitzer-Liberty Volunteer Fire Department 11742 Main St, Stitzer

Grant County Public Safety Links

Fire / EMS Departments Law Enforcement
Bagley Volunteer Fire Department Grant County Sheriff's Department
Bloomington Fire Department Boscobel Police Department
Blue River Volunteer Fire Department Cassville Police Department
Boscobel Volunteer Fire Department Cuba City Police Department
Cassville Volunteer Fire Department Dickeyville Police Department
Cuba City Volunteer Fire Department Fennimore Police Department
Dickeyville-Paris Volunteer Fire Department Hazel Green Police Department
Fennimore Volunteer Fire Department Lancaster Police Department (Dept Listings)
Glen Haven Volunteer Fire Department Muscoda Police Department
Hazel Green Volunteer Fire Department Platteville Police Department
Jamestown Fire Department Potosi Police Department
Lancaster Fire Department (Dept Listings) UW - Platteville Police Department
Livingston-Clifton Fire District  
Montfort Volunteer Fire Department  
Mount Hope Volunteer Fire Department Inc  
Muscoda Volunteer Fire Department  
Patch Grove Fire Department  
Platteville Fire Department  
Potosi Volunteer Fire Department  
Stitzer Volunteer Fire Department  

Grant County Area Businesses

047.5800 Platteville Veterinary Clinic (100.0)
151.8350 West End Auto Salvage, Lancaster (D-703) ??
152.2850 Wamsley Excavating in Cassville (D023)
154.0400 Southwest Technical College - Fire Training Channel (123.0)
154.4900 Kowalski Kieler Inc (127.3)
161.7000 WGLR-FM in Lancaster / 97.7FM (CS)
451.6750 Scenic River Energy Cooperative - Lancaster Channel (P25)
451.9375 Crapp Farm, Cassville (D-754) ??
453.3750 Southwest Wisconsin Community School District (123.0)
464.1875 Culvers in Platteville - Cashier (146.2)
469.1875 Culvers in Platteville - Customers (131.8)

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