Iron County Information

Iron county sheriff uses P25 Digital on it's dispatch frequency. Unknown how much it is used and whether its full-time encryption. Anyone that could provide more information would be great.

159.0900 County Sheriff - Dispatch (103.5 / P25 Digital Capable)
155.9550 County Fire - Dispatch (123.0)
154.1600 County Fire - Fireground (123.0)
151.0250 County Highways (179.9)
154.5400 Beacon Ambulance Service (110.9)

Town of Anderson

Town of Carey

Town of Gurney

City of Hurley
155.1150 Fire Department - Unknown Use (D371)

Town of Kimball

Town of Knight

Town of Mercer
154.1900 Fire Department - Tactical (123.0)
154.0400 Local Government (D072)

City of Montreal

Town of Oma

Town of Pence

Town of Saxon

Town of Sherman

Iron County Fire Apparatus Guide

Unit Number Department Apparatus
Montreal Fire Department Engine / Pumper
Montreal Fire Department Engine / Pumper
Montreal Fire Department Equipment Truck
Montreal Fire Department Brush Fire Truck
Hurley Fire Department Rescue Squad
Hurley Fire Department Rescue Squad
Hurley Fire Department Ladder Truck
Hurley Fire Department Rescue Squad
Hurley Fire Department Engine

Iron County Fire / EMS Station Locations

Station Address Department
300 Taconite Street, Hurley City of Hurley Fire Department
53 Wisconsin Avenue, Montreal City of Montreal Fire Department
5715 W Center Drive, Hurley Town of Kimball Fire Department
1428 N Hwy 122, Saxon Saxon-Gurney Fire Department
8001 N Hwy 51 Town of Oma Fire Department
5721 N Vaughn Street, Mercer Town of Mercer Fire Department
3065 W Hwy 182, Springstead Town of Sherman Fire Department
101 East Cloverland Drive, Ironwood (MI) Beacon Ambulance Service Inc
5271 N Vaughn Street, Mercer Mercer EMS District
98 Sherry Road, Park Falls Park Falls EMS

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