Rusk County Information

Rusk County is planning to at least partially join the statewide WISCOM radio system sometime during the next year. I am not sure which agencies will join, but keep listening.

155.6250 County Sheriff - Dispatch (P25 / 118.8)
155.7000 County Sheriff - West Repeater ?? (118.8)
154.2050 County Fire - Dispatch (118.8)
151.1300 County Highways (103.5)
460.0500 Licensed to county, possibly “County Jail” use
155.9400 County Transit Agency (118.8)

Town of Atlanta

Town of Big Bend

Town of Big Falls

Village of Bruce

Town of Cedar Rapids

Village of Conrath

Town of Dewey

Town of Flambeau

Village of Glen Flora

Town of Grant

Town of Grow

Town of Hawkins

Village of Hawkins

Town of Hubbard

Village of Ingram

City of Ladysmith
154.1000 Local Government (88.5)

Town of Lawrence

Town of Marshall

Town of Murry

Town of Richland

Town of Rusk

Village of Sheldon

Town of South Fork
154.1000 Local Government (D632)

Town of Strickland

Town of Stubbs

Town of Thornapple

Village of Tony

Town of True

Town of Washington

Village of Weyerhaeuser

Town of Wilkinson

Town of Willard

Town of Wilson


County Unit Numbering

Unit Type Municipality / Department
Rusk County Sheriff's Department - County Sheriff
Rusk County Sheriff's Department - Chief Deputy
104 to 119
Rusk County Sheriff's Department - Patrol Deputies
120 to 149
Rusk County Sheriff's Department - Jail / Dispatch Deputies
150 to 159
Rusk County Sheriff's Department - Investigators
160 to 169
Rusk County Sheriff's Department - Office Staff
234 to 248
Ladysmith Fire Department
Rusk County Ambulance Service
271 to 273
Sheldon Fire Protection District
281 to 286
Hawkins Fire Department

Rusk County Fire Apparatus Guide

Unit Number Department - Apparatus Type
Ladysmith Fire Department -
Ladysmith Fire Department - Engine
Ladysmith Fire Department - Engine
Ladysmith Fire Department -
Ladysmith Fire Department -
Ladysmith Fire Department - Water Tender
Ladysmith Fire Department - Snorkel
Ladysmith Fire Department -
Ladysmith Fire Department - Rescue Squad
Rusk County Ambulance Service
Sheldon Fire Protection District -
Shelton Fire Protection District - Utility Truck
Hawkins Volunteer Fire Department - Engine
Hawkins Volunteer Fire Department -
Hawkins Volunteer Fire Department - Water Tender
Hawkins Volunteer Fire Department -

Rusk County 'Fire Tone Out's'

Department Tone 'A' Tone 'B' Misc Notes
FTO Information Needed

Rusk County Fire Station Locations

Fire Department Station Address
Bruce Fire 829 N Blackburn St, Bruce

Rusk County Public Safety Links

Fire / EMS Departments Law Enforcement
Bruce Fire Protection District Rusk County Sheriff's Department
Hawkins Volunteer Fire Department Ladysmith Police Department
Ladysmith Fire Department  
Shelton Fire Protection District  
Weyerhaeuser Fire Department  

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