Sawyer County Information

Most county operations are on the WISCOM Radio system. There are several patches from WISCOM back to VHF.

County WISCOM Talkgroups
55501 County Sheriff - Law 1 (Patch to 154.8600)
55502 County Sheriff - Law 2
55505 County Paging
55506 County Fire - EMS Operations
55507 County Fire - Fire 1 Dispatch (Patch to 154.2350)
55508 County Fire - Fire 2
55511 County Common Channel

County Conventional Frequencies
154.8600 County Sheriff - Patch of WISCOM "Law 1" (141.3)
154.8000 County Sheriff - Jail Operations (D243)
155.6850 County Sheriff - Tactical (141.3)
155.0250 County Paging (CS)
154.2350 County Fire - Patch of WISCOM "Fire 1" (141.3)
155.1675 County Emergency Management - Hayward Channel (D311)
155.2425 County Emergency Management - Moose Lake Channel (D311)
154.1450 County Emergency Management - Meteor Channel (D311)
155.7625 County Emergency Management - Draper Channel (D311)
154.0550 County Highways (103.5)
155.7975 County Health & Human Services Transportation Vans (D311)
453.2750 County MDC Data (CS)
155.0550 Many Townships are using this as Local Government Channel (Many Different PLís)
155.4225 Lac Courte Oreilles / Sawyer County Transit System (D311)

Town of Bass Lake

Town of Couderay

Village of Couderay

Town of Draper

Town of Edgewater

Village of Exeland

City of Hayward
155.6100 Police Department - Dispatch (141.3)
154.2350 County Fire - Dispatch (141.3)
155.1675 County Fire - Hayward Channel (D311)
155.7150 Local Government (141.3)

Town of Hayward
155.8950 Local Government / Fire Department (141.3)

Town of Hunter

Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Government
152.4050 Fire Department Repeater (82.5)
154.0250 Law Enforcement (141.3)
154.9650 Local Government (Many Different PLís in use)

Town of Lenroot

Town of Meadowbrook

Town of Meteor

Town of Ojibwa

Town of Radisson

Village of Radisson

Town of Round Lake

Town of Sand Lake

Town of Spider Lake

Town of Weirgor

Town of Winter

Village of Winter

Sawyer County Unit Numbering

Unit Type Municipality / Department
Town of Hayward Police Department
City of Sawyer Police Department / Sawyer County Sheriff's Department
County EMT's

Sawyer County Fire Station Locations

Fire Department Station # Station Address

Sawyer County Fire Apparatus Guide

Unit Number Department - Apparatus Type

Sawyer County 'Fire Tone Out's'

Department Tone 'A' Tone 'B' Misc Notes
FTO Information Needed

Sawyer County Public Safety Links

Fire / EMS Departments Law Enforcement
Bass Lake Volunteer Fire Department Sawyer County Sheriff's Department
Couderay Volunteer Fire Department Hayward Police Department
Exeland Fire Protection District Hayward Town Police Department
Hayward City Volunteer Fire Department Lac Courte Oreilles Tribal Police Department
Hayward Town Fire Department  
Lac Courteoreilles Volunteer Fire Department  
Loretta-Draper Volunteer Fire Department  
Radisson Volunteer Fire Department  
Round Lake Town Fire Department  
Spider Lake Fire Department  
Station 13 Blueberry Lake  
Stone Lake Volunteer Fire Department  
Winter Volunteer Fire Department  

Sawyer County Area Businesses

153.6500 North Central Power Company (74.4)

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