Vernon County Information

154.9950 County Sheriff - Dispatch (167.9)
154.7850 County Sheriff - Alternate (110.9)
154.1750 County Fire - Paging / Dispatch (167.9)
154.8600 County Fire - Operations (136.5)
155.0400 Tri-State Ambulance Service (97.4)
151.3850 County Highways - Main (DMR / cc: 10)
453.7000 County Highways - Old (D243)

Town of Bergen

Village of Chaseburg

Town of Christiana

Town of Clinton

Town of Coon
154.0250 Local Government (110.9)

Village of Coon Valley

Village of De Soto

Town of Forest

Town of Franklin

Town of Genoa

Village of Genoa

Town of Greenwood

Town of Hamburg
151.1000 Local Government (173.8)

Town of Harmony

City of Hillsboro
155.8950 Local Government (186.2)

Town of Hillsboro

Town of Jefferson

Town of Kickapoo

Village of La Farge
153.6500 Utilities (167.9)

Town of Liberty

Village of Ontario

Village of Readstown

Town of Stark
151.1000 Local Government (67.0)

Town of Sterling

Village of Stoddard

Town of Union

Village of Viola
See Richland County Page

City of Viroqua
154.9650 Local Government / Police Use (91.5)

Town of Viroqua

Town of Webster
151.1000 Local Government (91.5)

City of Westby
155.8950 Local Government?

Town of Wheatland

Town of Whitestown


Vernon County Unit Numbering (Partial Listing)

Unit Number Municipality / Department
Vernon County Sheriff's Department
Coon Valley Police Department
150 - 154
La Farge Police Department
155 - 159
Village of Readstown Police Department
160 - 164
Ontario Police Department
170 - 178
Hillsboro Police Department
180 - 189
Westby Police Department
200 - 209
Viroqua Police Department
Ontario Police Department

Vernon County Fire Station Locations

Fire Department Station Address
Hillsboro Fire Department 203 Mill St
Viroqua Fire Department 302 E Broadway

Vernon County Fire Apparatus Guide

Unit Number Department - Apparatus Type

Vernon County 'Fire Tone Out's'

Department Tone 'A' Tone 'B' Misc Notes
FTO Information Needed

Vernon County Public Safety Links

Fire / EMS Departments Law Enforcement
Boulder Junction Volunteer Fire Department Vernon County Sheriff's Department
Coon Creek Firefighting Assocation Coon Valley Police Department
Genoa Volunteer Fire Department Hillsboro Police Department
Hillsboro Volunteer Fire Department La Farge Police Department
La Farge Volunteer Fire Department Ontario Police Department
Ontario Fire Department Readstown Police Department
Readstown Volunteer Fire Department Viroqua Police Department
Stoddard-Bergen Volunteer Fire Department Westby Police Department
Viola Volunteer Fire Department  
Westby-Christiana Fire Protection Department  
Wheatland Volunteer Fire Department  

Vernon County Area Businesses

154.6000 Wal-Mart in Virocqua (CS)
155.1750 Viroqua School District - Transportation (D143)
155.2200 North Crawford Schools (D445)
155.2650 Westby Schools (141.3)
155.2950 De Soto Schools (D503)
464.5250 Viroqua Cab (179.9)

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