Waukesha County Communications

The 'Waukesha County Communications' center (WCC) dispatches public safety for many
municipalities in Waukesha County (Including the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department).
WCC Area 1 Law Enforcement Dispatch (Talkgroup 1616)
Call Sign Agency / Department
City of Brookfield Police Department
Town of Brookfield Police Department
WCC Area 2 Law Enforcement Dispatch (Talkgroup 33040)
Call Sign Agency / Department
City of New Berlin Police Department
Village of Butler Police Department
WCC Area 3 Law Enforcement Dispatch (Talkgroup 21968)
Call Sign Agency / Department
Village of Chenequa Police Department
City of Delafield Police Department
Village of Hartland Police Department
Village of Oconomowoc Lake Police Department
Town of Oconomowoc Police Department
Village of Summit Police Department
Village of Lac La Belle Police Department
Village of Pewaukee Police Department
WCC Area 4 Law Enforcement Dispatch (Talkgroup 19344)
Call Sign Agency / Department
Village of Nashotah Police Department
Village of Eagle Police Department
North Prairie Police Department
Village of Big Bend Police Department
Village of Lannon Police Department
Waukesha County Sheriff's Department
WCC Dispatch (Talkgroup 26416)
Call Sign Agency / Department
Village of Menomonee Falls Police Department
WCC Law Enforcement Main Talkgroups
01616 Area 1 Dispatch
32816 Area 1 Operations
33040 Area 2 Dispatch
32848 Area 2 Operations
21968 Area 3 Dispatch
32880 Area 3 Operations
19344 Area 4 Dispatch
32912 Area 4 Operations
26416 Menomonee Falls PD
Fire Departments Dispatched by WCC
Identifier Fire Department
Big Bend Fire Department
Vernon Fire Department
New Berlin Fire Department
Town of Waukesha Fire Department
City of Brookfield Fire Department
Town of Brookfield Fire Department
Butler Fire Department
Menomonee Falls Fire Department
Lisbon Fire Department
Pewaukee Fire Department
Sussex Fire Department
Town of Delafield Fire Department
Western Lakes Fire District
Eagle Fire Department
North Prairie Fire Department
Wales-Genesee Fire Department
Hartland Fire Department
Merton Community Fire Department
Lake Country Fire Department
Okauchee Fire Department
Stone Bank Fire Department
WCC / County Fire Department Main Talkgroups
33136 County Paging
22032 County Fire - Dispatch "A"
19600 County Fire - Dispatch "B"
01328 County Fire - Dispatch "C"
12368 County Fire - Command 12
12560 County Fire - Fireground 13
12592 County Fire - Fireground 14
12624 County Fire - Fireground 15
12656 County Fire - Fireground 16
12400 County Fire - Command 22
12688 County Fire - Fireground 23
12720 County Fire - Fireground 24
12752 County Fire - Fireground 25
12784 County Fire - Fireground 26
12432 County Fire - Command 32
12816 County Fire - Fireground 33
12848 County Fire - Fireground 34
12880 County Fire - Fireground 35
12912 County Fire - Fireground 36
12464 County Fire - Command 42
12944 County Fire - Fireground 43
12976 County Fire - Fireground 44
13040 County Fire - Fireground 45
13104 County Fire - Fireground 46
13008 County Fire - Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS Patch)

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