Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

The color-coded frequencies are used state-wide by various parks. Each frequency has several different PL Tones assigned to them labeled A to G. So specific channel names will sound like "Green-Alpha", "White-Bravo", Etc.

The Wisconsin DNR is in the process of switching over to the WISCOM Radio System. It appears like the DNR Talkgroups are going to be in the 500 & 600 range.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Frequency Color Usage / Misc Notes
122.9250   Air Primary
122.8500   Air Secondary
151.1450 Green General / Miscellaneous Use
151.1600   Fisheries & Wildlife Management Areas
151.2050 Yellow General / Miscellaneous Use
151.3100 White General / Miscellaneous Uage
151.3550 Blue General / Miscellaneous Use
151.4000 Brown State Forests & Parks
151.4300 Red Fire Control
168.6500   U.S. Forest Service / WI DNR Joint Fire Dispatch Center

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