Medical Helicopters in Wisconsin

Here are the common frequencies that a medical helicopter will try to establish communications wth the onscene command/landing zone are....

151.2800 MARC 1 {Repeater} (136.5)
151.2800 MARC 2 {Simplex} (136.5)
155.3400 Statewide Medical
463.0000 / 468.0000 UHF Medical Frequency Pair 1
463.0250 / 468.0250 UHF Medical Frequency Pair 2
463.0500 / 468.0500 UHF Medical Frequency Pair 3
463.0750 / 468.0750 UHF Medical Frequency Pair 4
463.1000 / 468.1000 UHF Medical Frequency Pair 5
463.1250 / 468.1250 UHF Medical Frequency Pair 6
463.1500 / 468.1500 UHF Medical Frequency Pair 7
463.1750 / 468.1750 UHF Medical Frequency Pair 8
462.9500 / 467.9500 UHF Medical Frequency Pair 9
462.9750 / 467.9750 UHF Medical Frequency Pair 10

EAGLE III (Their Website)
This medical Helicopter is based out of Green Bay. They are operated by "County Rescue Services". In addition to medical transports, they also will assist on search and rescue missions. They also have assisted in police pursuits.

153.1100 County Rescue Services Repeater - Dispatch (D365)
155.1750 County Rescue Services Simplex - Administration (179.9)
157.4850 County Rescue Services - This is the input to 153.1100 repeater (You should be able to hear helo on here)
458.0250 County Rescue Services - Mobile Extender for 153.1100 (131.8)

Flight for Life (Their Webiste)
This program currently operates out of three locations.

“Trauma 1” = Northern Illinois Medical Center in McHenry, Illinois
“Trauma 2” = Waukesha County Airport in Waukesha, Wisconsin
“Trauma 3” = Fond Du Lac County Airport in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

- Their main operations appear to be on talkgroup 33328 (Waukesha County TRS). They can also operate on the following trunked radio systems...

13712 Sheboygan County TRS
13168 Waukesha County TRS
32400 Milwaukee County TRS

123.0500 Flight for Life uses this to coordinate in the air with the media's helicopters at an emergency scene
129.4750 Main Contact for the helicopter back to Headquarters
463.1500 UHF Operations (123.0)

Life Link III (Their Website)
This Medical Helicopter program is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They have a couple of helicopters based in Wisconsin, however.

Life Link 1 - New Richmond Regional Airport in New Richmond, WI
Life Link 2 - Saint Cloud Regional Airport in Saint Cloud, MN
Life Link 3 - Hutchinson Municipal Airport in Hutchinson, MN
Life Link 4 - Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie, MN
Life Link 5 - Rice Lake Regional Airport in Rice Lake, WI
Life Link 6 - Chisholm-Hibbing Airport in Hibbing, MN

Mayo One (Their Website)
This medical helicopter program runs out of three locations.

“Mayo 1” = Based at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota
“Mayo 2” = Based at Chippewa Valley Regional Airport in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
“Mayo 3” = Based at Mankato Regional Airport in Mankato, Minnesota

155.4000 Mayo 1 - Operations
155.2350 Mayo 2 - Dispatch (179.9)
154.2050 Mayo 3 - Operations

Med Flight (Their Website)
This is the University of Wisconsin's Med Flight which is based out of UW Hospital in Madison.

463.1750 Dispatch / Operations (167.9)
462.9750 Baraboo Tower (167.9)

Med-Link Air (Their Website)
This medical helicopter is based out of Gundersen Luthern Medical Center in La Crosse. I don't know which frequencies this program operates on. If anyone can provide more information, please let me know.

Ministry Spirit Medical Transport ( Their Website)
This medical helicopter program has 5 locations for its helicopters.

Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital (Marshfield)
Ministry Saint Clare's Hospital (Weston)
Ministry Saint Michael's Hospital (Stevens Point)
Ministry Saint Mary's Hospital (Rhinelander)
Howard Young Medical Center (Woodruff)

They reportedly use 462.9500 (88.5) / 463.0250 (88.5) / 463.0750 (88.5). Anyone having more information please let me know.

Theda-Star Air Medical (Their Website)
This medical helicopter is based at the Theda Clark Medical Center in Neenah.

130.0750 Operations
462.9500 Dispatch can be heard on here (192.8)
467.9500 Helicopter can be heard on here (192.8)

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