National Weather Service in Wisconsin

The National Weather Service provides 24-hour continuous weather broadcasts on many stations in the state. Here is a map of the radio transmitters and then below that are the frequencies and callsigns.

NOAA Weather Stations in Wisconsin

Map ID Transmitter Site Frequency Call Sign NOAA Office
1a Milwaukee 162.4000 KEC-60 Sullivan
2a Madison 162.5500 WXJ-87 Sullivan
3a Fond Du Lac 162.5000 WWG-87 Sullivan
4a Sheboygan 162.5250 WWG-91 Sullivan
5a Janesville 162.4250 WWG-90 Sullivan
6a Racine 162.4500 KZZ-76 Sullivan
7a Baraboo 162.4500 KHA-47 Sullivan
1b Bloomington 162.5000 WWG-86 La Crosse
2b Pleasant Ridge 162.4750 WWG-89 La Crosse
3b Black River Falls 162.5000 WNG-564 La Crosse
4b La Crosse 162.5500 WXJ-86 La Crosse
5b Rochester 162.4750 WXK-41 La Crosse
6b Withee 162.4250 KZZ-77 La Crosse
7b Winona 162.4250 KGG-95 La Cross
8b Tomah-Ridgeville 162.5250 KE2XKP La Crosse
1c Door County 162.4250 WXN-69 Green Bay
2c Green Bay 162.5500 KIG-65 Green Bay
3c Crandon 162.4500 WWG-88 Green Bay
4c Wausau 162.4750 WXJ-89 Green Bay
5c Wausaukee 162.4000 WNG-553 Green Bay
6c Rhinelander 162.4000 WNG-565 Green Bay
7c New London 162.5250 WNG-552 Green Bay
8c Coloma 162.4000 WWF-40 Green Bay
9c Gresham 162.5000 KC2XBZ Green Bay
1d Chicago 162.5500 KWO-39 Chicago (IL)
2d Rockford 162.4750 KZZ-57 Chicago (IL)
3d Crystal Lake 162.5000 KXI-41 Chicago (IL)
1e Dubuque 162.4000 WXL-64 Davenport (IA)
2e Freeport 162.4500 KZZ-56 Davenport (IA)
1f Minneapolis 162.5500 KEC-65 Minneapolis (MN)
2f Menomonie 162.4000 WXJ-88 Minneapolis (MN)
3f Ladysmith 162.5500 WNG-577 Minneapolis (MN)
4f Red Wing (MN) 162.4500 KJY-80 Minneapolis (MN)
1g Duluth (MN) 162.5500 KIG-64 Duluth (MN)
2g Park Falls 162.5000 WXM-91 Duluth (MN)
3g Spooner 162.4750 KZZ-79 Duluth (MN)
4g Ashland 162.5250 KZZ-78 Duluth (MN)
5g Pine City 162.4250 WNG-678 Duluth (MN)
1h Marenisco 162.5500 WNG-683 Marquette (MI)
2h Crystal Falls 162.4750 KJY-76 Marquette (MI)

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