Utility Companies In Wisconsin

Alliant Energy

They are transitioning from a "iDEN" radio system to a 'DMR-Tier III' system that will operate sites in Wisconsin, Minnesota & Iowa. I am working on getting more information.

Madison Gas & Electric

They provide utility service to areas in and around Dane County. They also offer natural gas service to parts of SW Wisconsin.

153.4700 Unknown Exact Usage (71.9)
153.6050 Unknown Exact Usage (107.2)
153.6350 Unknown Exact Usage (71.9)
153.6650 Unknown Exact Usage (71.9)


In the Milwaukee area, the UHF frequencies have been mostly silent. The Power Plants & Generating are on a 900MHz "MotoTRBO Connect Plus" Trunked Radio System. CLICK HERE For more information about this system.

Electric Operations
153.4250 Shawano Area (D226)
153.5450 Fox River Valley Area (167.9)
153.6050 Fox River Valley Area (D226)
153.6650 Farmington Area (D226)
153.7250 Fox River Valley Area (D226)
451.0500 Milwaukee Area Underground (D351)
451.0750 Menomonee Falls / Germantown Area (D271)
451.1500 Systemwide Common Channel (D023)
451.2250 New Berlin Area (D165)
451.3750 Port Washington Area (D311)
451.4750 Delafield Area (D331)
451.5250 Sheboygan County Area (D243)
451.5250 Milwaukee Metro South (D245)
451.6250 Racine / Kenosha Area (D172)
451.6250 West Bend Area (D315)

Gas Operations
153.5150 Waukesha Area (167.9)
153.5450 Fox River Valley / Shawano Area {Simulcasts with 156.1650} (167.9)
153.6500 Wood County Area (136.5)
153.7100 Marquette / Waushara Counties Area (136.5)
153.7250 Jefferson County Area (167.9)
156.1650 Fox River Valley / Shawano Area {Simulcasts with 153.5450} (146.2)

We-Energies Power Plant in Oak Creek
938.9500 Train / Coal Operations (D423)

Older Frequencies Possibly not longer used
153.4850 Unknown Exact Use (D031)
153.4700 Unknown Exact Use (141.3)
153.6200 Unknown Exact Use (D031)
153.7100 Unknown Exact Use (D315)
451.1125 Unknown Exact Use (D723)
451.1375 Unknown Exact Use (D723)

Wisconsin Public Service Corporation

451.0750 Green Bay Area (D365)
451.1000 Marinette Area (D115)
451.1250 Sheboygan Area (D116)
451.2000 Marathon County Area - Electric (D365)
451.2250 Door & Calumet Counties Area (D116)
451.2250 Oshkosh Area (D134)
451.2500 Marinette Area (D134)
451.2500 Onieda County Area (D165)
451.3750 Green Bay Area (D116)
451.6750 Green Bay Area (D116)
461.3500 Marathon County Area - Gas Operations (D025)

Xcel Energy Services Inc

153.4550 Rusk County Area (P25)
153.4850 Eau Claire & Chippewa County Areas (P25)
153.5450 Rusk & Price County Areas (P25)
153.6650 "Division Operations" (P25)

Miscellaneous Utility Companies

153.6500 Dairyland Power Cooperative (74.4)
159.6150 Adams-Columbia Electrical Co-op (88.5)
451.2750 Richland Electrical Cooperative (P25)
451.5250 Dunn Energy Cooperative (P25)

Common 'K' & 'R' Codes

A Number of the above utility companies use either K Codes or R Codes similar to how police and fire use 10-Codes. Here is a small list I have been able to compile on my own and on the internet.

K02 - Signal Is Good
K04 - Message Received
K09 - Repeat
K20 - Location
K30 - Clear

R04 - Message Received
R07 - Out Of Service
R08 - Back In Service
R09 - Repeat
R30 - Clear
R99 - Clear / No Calls Pending
R100 - Any Calls Pending?

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