Wood County Information

155.5500 County Sheriff - Dispatch (82.5)
155.7300 County Sheriff - Tactical (82.5)
154.1600 County Fire - Dispatch (82.5)
151.2500 County Repeater - Unknown Exact Use {School Buses???} (82.5)
155.8800 United Emergency Medical Response Ambulance {Formerly Higgins} (156.7)
155.3400 Ambulances to St Joseph's Hospital (82.5)
151.0250 County Highways (91.5)

If anyone has more information on unit numbering used by the county or what exactly 151.2500 is being used for...please email me.

Town of Arpin

Village of Arpin

Town of Auburndale

Village of Auburndale

Village of Biron

Town of Cameron

Town of Cary

Town of Cranmoor

Town of Dexter

Town of Grand Rapids
Police Dispatched by County Sheriff on 155.5500
155.8200 Local Government (82.5)

Town of Hansen

Village of Hewitt

Town of Hiles

Town of Lincoln

City of Marshfield
155.3100 Police Department - Dispatch (82.5)
155.8500 Police Department - Tactical (82.5)
158.7600 Fire Department - Dispatch (82.5)
151.1300 Local Government (94.8)

Town of Marshfield

Town of Milladore

Village of Milladore

City of Nekoosa
155.7300 Police Department - Dispatch
154.1600 Fire Department - Dispatch
155.3250 EMS Operations (173.8)
158.8350 Local Government (82.5)

City of Pittsville
Police Dispatched by County Sheriff on 155.5500

Town of Port Edwards

Village of Port Edwards
Police Dispatched by County Sheriff on 155.5500

Town of Remington

Town of Richfield

Town of Rock

Town of Rudolph
155.8200 Local Government (82.5)

Village of Rudolph

Town of Saratoga

Town of Seneca

Town of Sherry

Town of Sigel

Village of Vesper

City of Wisconsin Rapids
155.0100 Police Department F1 - Dispatch (82.5)
155.9100 Police Department F2 - Car to Car (82.5)
155.7600 Fire Department - Dispatch (88.5)
155.9400 Local Government (D116)

Town of Wood

Wood County Unit Numbering
Unit NumberDepartment
1xx’sMarshfield Police Department
2xx’sWood County Government (Unknown Exact Breakdown)
300Pittsville Police Department
304Pittsville Police Department ???????
32x'sNekoosa Police Department
34x'sPort Edwards Police Department
37x'sGrand Rapids Township Police Department
4xx’sWood County Sheriff’s Department
8xx’sWisconsin Rapids Police Department
?????Saratoga Township Police Department
?????Vesper Police Department

Wood County Area Businesses
152.2700 Radio Cab of Marshfield Inc (110.9)
152.3300 River City Cab in Wisconsin Rapids (D371)
152.8700 Domtar A.W. Corporation - Nekoosa Mill (D031)
153.0200 Earth Inc in Arpin (100.0)
153.5300 Consolidated Water Power Company in Wisconsin Rapids?? (151.4)
153.7250 Wisconsin Gas LLC - Marshfield Area (D732)
154.6000 Walmart in Marshfield (77.0)
155.2200 Kieffer's Bus Servidce in Auburndale?? (D114)
155.2800 Safeway Bus in Wisconsin Rapids (D054)
161.7600 WDLB AM 1450 in Marshfield - Remote Broadcast (CS)
451.4750 Marshfield Doorsystem Inc (D606)
467.7500 Target in Marshfield (D115)

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